Grandpa Raffaele’s passion brought Giuseppe, Emiddia, Sonia and Lella to the creation of this wine project, related to the identification of the Vesuvius as a unique territory.   Even if Bosco de’ Medici is the realisation of an old dream (the one of grandpa Raffaele) it is also a family-run company raised by young people, so they are very open minded in researching new techniques and  in the making of new experiments by mixing the ancient tradition with modern techniques. In this way  we created the Dressel 19.2 a Caprettone amphora wine (we are the first in the Vesuvian area to rediscover this ancient vinification  instrument). We own 8 hectares of vineyards divided in small particles. We realised our small cellar with steel tanks reduced in size, in order to refine  the product individually. Our wine project has got a “sustainable” signature. We operate respecting the terroir going from biological to biodynamic. We want to send out these concepts not only through wines, but also with a real program for the transmission of biodynamic culture. This is how our experimental/biodynamic  vineyard was born. It’s  half a hectare of vineyard, located inside of Bosco de’ Medici manor. A place where all our guests are going to admire the growth of all the varieties of grapes cultivated by our company, and they could also learn everything about our techniques and products used for our viticulture.   We are one of the first company in Italy to experiment the radiesthetic, a technique based on the diffusion of radiofrequency as a support for the vineyard.